media history video response

In response to the media history video I felt that it was educating and gave me an idea on how media has changed over time.  It gave me insight to things I hadn’t realized or thought about before watching this video.  I never knew that the printing press was such a big deal when it was first created.  It gave opportunities for news and other important information to reach out to more people.  Before the printing press it was very time consuming and almost difficult to make duplicates.  I would never have thought that telegraphy was to improve public morality and education.  I figured it was simply created for long distance conversation, but nothing more.  I wouldn’t expect telegraphy to change newspapers, but instead of sending reporters all over they could find out information in distances through telegraphy.  I learned what narrowcasting was and how it appealed to as many people as possible such as MTV, ESPN, and CNN.  This reaches out to those who are specifically interested in music, sports, or the news.

Before the television was invented the radio was the biggest media communication to many people at one time.  I have never listened to the radio for information or news.  It is unreal to my generation that families huddled around the radio and would listen to shows or messages from the president.  I am always watching the television for news on the oldest stations; ABC, NBC, and CBS.  I could not imagine myself living without Facebook and my cell phone which makes me sound spoiled compared to how my parents grew up.  It is hard to believe that at one time there wasn’t such a thing of telephones and televisions.  After watching the history of media I am so grateful for what we have today and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring us in mass media.


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