Is Media More Addicting Than a Drug?

These past two days must have been the most miserable days of my life.  Until you are actually forced to live without media you never really realize how much media is out there.  Media includes music, billboards, posters, television, cell phones, and many more things that I had never imagined. Television was an any easy thing to avoid, as I don’t watch tv at school as it is, school.  I noticed that I am not one of those people who are addicted to a stupid reality television show.  I have my own interesting life and don’t to watch someone else’s in order to make myself feel better.

The hardest part about this experiment was not being able to use my phone.  Every minute or so I would reach into my pocket thinking that my phone was vibrating or maybe I was receiving another text message.  My phone is my life and I love knowing that I am connected with my friends and can find out what they are doing at any time of day with just a call away.  Without a phone I feel lost and lonely.  This does seem like a problem to me, but it’s something that I simply cannot live without.

On a side note I was searching around on Youtube and I thought this video was intesting….

When the two days of no media were over I had several missed voicemails from my parents asking me “where?” I was and “why?!” I wasn’t answering their precious phone calls.  They threatened to cancel my account and sounded very upset.  This is leads to another thing to think about with media.  Years ago when there were not phones, how did people communicate?  Parents in our society today have become more attached to their children and can always be connected. Some provide their children with cell phones, but there are numerous other ways to communicate such as email, facebook, and web cams. I really connected with the man from the video clip that we watched in class- I just wanted to break down and give up.  Media plays a large role in my life and I never want to experience a life without it.


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