The Sweet Life with Media

When I was done with my two days of hell the first thing I did was check my phone.  I had over 20 missed calls and 13 text messages.  I responded to all the phone calls and text messages.  I soon was becoming relieved and felt back on track with my life.  Next I needed to check my facebook and see what everyone in the world was doing.  I forgot that my best friends’ birthday was yesterday because with facebook it gives you a reminder of everyone’s birthday and you can simply write on their wall.

Here are some interesting facts about Facebook.

Luckily my experiment was over before I took a long car ride back home.  Listening to music in the car makes the ride go by fast and it’s more enjoyable.  I don’t like listening to the car engine next to me that sounds like a constipated old man or the loud noises from construction around campus.

Media makes work faster and it’s more efficient.  I can find out anything in the World in a matter of seconds.  The internet has sites that will answer any question for you and there will be numerous credible sources.  I feel like I do have a media addiction and I don’t feel like it’s such a bad thing to say.  If I didn’t have access to media as a college student in today’s society then I would behind everyone else.  They would have access to more things than I do and I’d most likely not succeed.

Cell phones are a necessity and will always be in today’s society.  When working in a business or raising a family.  Everyone needs to be connected and the easiest way to do that is from cell phones.  In a matter of seconds you can be talking to anyone in the world by one click of a button.  Seems insane, but technology is rapidly increasing and I am looking forward to what the future brings in media.


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