Jersey Shore has a website?

Yes!  The Jersey Shore television show has it’s own website.  Don’t worry if you’ve missed an episode there’s no need to panic.  Every single episode is online just waiting for you to watch.  I know I want to watch Snookie get punched in the face again.  Do you want to look like Pauly D?  They’ve got his shirts online and with a swipe of a card you’ll be getting play just like the Jersey Shore God.  You can check out their photos and even

learn a little more about each cast member.  It has almost everything you would need to know about the Jersey Shore television show except there is nowhere for people to leave their opinions.  A blog would be perfect for this website because I have plenty to say about these deprived people that have no sense of the real world.  This is could be a very successful website, but only idiots that have no time on their hands would actually visit this site.


Gotta Love Disney

Am I watching the same movie? Every Disney movie followed the same theme or general direction. For some reason there was always a missing parent. Why was this included in every Disney movie? I feel like they would have included two parents because it’s standard in our society. There is always a good character and an evil character. The good guy ends up falling in love with some a beautiful women and the evil character turns good or dies. The good character always has some kind of trouble throughout the movie, but ends up with a happy ending.

As a child watching these movies was my life. I’d watch them over and over again. I don’t know what it is as a child, but these movies were the best.  It gave me hope and I thought my life would end up just like Simba or Aladin. I knew at some point in my life I would face trouble, but because it happens in Disney movies, I knew I’d live happily ever after with my tramp.

Disney was everywhere. They promoted the movies through toys in the happy meals at McDonalds. I was a Disney character almost every year for Halloween. My family and I even visited Disney World at least five times.  If you haven’t been there you have to check it out.|12151|disneyworld||S||5115891498&bhcp=1

Disney is such a great thing for families and it really does bring them together. There’s just something special about Disney as a whole that makes everyone happy.

When I realized that Disney was just a bunch of made up stories and noticed that toys didn’t actually talk I was bummed. Children need to have that imaginary world that Disney creates. Everything is peaceful and they teach children right from wrong. The Disney impact really does work and creates responsible young individuals.


Facebook has emerged as the top social networking site and confirmed by fact that it is one of the top 100 sites visited in the world today.  It allows you to share videos, pictures, games, messages, and communicate with friends and family all over the world for free!  It is a way to check out the lives of complete strangers, which sounds a bit creepy, BUT IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

It’s so popular because it’s so easy to use.  It allows you to search for people that share the same interests and even helped with the US Presidential Campaign. Obama was a genius by campaigning a lot through facebook to speak out to the youth and enhance awareness.

Facebook is the communication of the future. Facebook is an advertisement. FACEBOOK IS GOD!  Everything important will be posted on facebook.  There are already companies placing their ads on facebook.  What a great idea.  If its one of the top 100 sites visited around the world, then obviously their product will be seen.

I love Facebook.  Whenever I’m bored I’m on Facebook.  I talk to my parents through Facebook because I told them I’d rather talk online rather than the telephone. It saves money and it uses less effort on my part.  I can keep in touch with friends over seas and it also costs me nothing.  The games are fun to play and it’s always a good time when challenging your friends.  It’s even better when you see ridiculous videos of drunk idiots that you’ve never met.  Who wouldn’t like facebook?  Sign up now!

Facebook has grown in such a short period of time and will only increase because of the diversity it has to offer.  There will only be greater things added to facebook and I’m sure everyone is excited to see what is coming.


The Utopian life in year 2035

Life is simple and the weather is always great.  There is no such thing as being poor and everyone is wealthy.  With new technologies and an increase in new discoveries our world has become a perfect place.  There is no such thing as being ugly because plastic surgery is now common with everyday life.

Communication is similar to today’s process, only telephones have video communication.  You can literally see the person you are talking to on the phone.  Television and movies have become ridiculously real and unbelievable.   There are advertisements everywhere!  On teeth, tattoos, feet, clouds, grass, etc.

Everyone is happy and the government is now run by an executive board.  It’s almost as if there are 5 presidents.  They all make their decisions based on a vote, three or more votes makes their decision.  Some of the changes made are drinking and smoking is illegal, all weapons have been destroyed, and money is no longer necessary.  Everyone shares everything as if it is his or her own.

This world is a miracle.  I am living large and have no worries in life.  I currently have a beautiful wife and two children.  In this period of time it is socially unacceptable to be single without children at my age.  I’m living in California and I’m currently advertising the newest way to watch movies.  You ingest a pill that causes you to fall asleep and as you’re asleep the movie is played.  When the movie finishes you wake up.  People love this because you’re resting your body as you’re sleeping while watching a movie as if it is your dream.

The dystopian version of 2035

Where is everyone?  I can walk a mile and not see one human being.  The roads are destroyed and I am not sure if my family is alright.  The World went crazy after an attempt to create a laser to destroy an asteroid.  Well that didn’t seem to work.  The laser backfired and took out chunks of the Earth.  Millions of people dead, all technology is gone, and all I have left is my life.

I’m searching long a hard for my friends and family.  I will see crowds of people hovered around a trashcan filled with fire to keep warm, but no sign of them.  It’s boring walking along these roads with no build boards.  No more advertisements?  I never thought how interesting they were and entertaining at the same time.

It’s all because we thought we were so smart with new technologies and we should’ve prepared more for something this serious.  Wow we made a refriedgerator that can talk to us!  When we really should’ve been spending money on a way to defend ourselves from a disaster such as this.  Now what do I do?