The Utopian life in year 2035

Life is simple and the weather is always great.  There is no such thing as being poor and everyone is wealthy.  With new technologies and an increase in new discoveries our world has become a perfect place.  There is no such thing as being ugly because plastic surgery is now common with everyday life.

Communication is similar to today’s process, only telephones have video communication.  You can literally see the person you are talking to on the phone.  Television and movies have become ridiculously real and unbelievable.   There are advertisements everywhere!  On teeth, tattoos, feet, clouds, grass, etc.

Everyone is happy and the government is now run by an executive board.  It’s almost as if there are 5 presidents.  They all make their decisions based on a vote, three or more votes makes their decision.  Some of the changes made are drinking and smoking is illegal, all weapons have been destroyed, and money is no longer necessary.  Everyone shares everything as if it is his or her own.

This world is a miracle.  I am living large and have no worries in life.  I currently have a beautiful wife and two children.  In this period of time it is socially unacceptable to be single without children at my age.  I’m living in California and I’m currently advertising the newest way to watch movies.  You ingest a pill that causes you to fall asleep and as you’re asleep the movie is played.  When the movie finishes you wake up.  People love this because you’re resting your body as you’re sleeping while watching a movie as if it is your dream.

The dystopian version of 2035

Where is everyone?  I can walk a mile and not see one human being.  The roads are destroyed and I am not sure if my family is alright.  The World went crazy after an attempt to create a laser to destroy an asteroid.  Well that didn’t seem to work.  The laser backfired and took out chunks of the Earth.  Millions of people dead, all technology is gone, and all I have left is my life.

I’m searching long a hard for my friends and family.  I will see crowds of people hovered around a trashcan filled with fire to keep warm, but no sign of them.  It’s boring walking along these roads with no build boards.  No more advertisements?  I never thought how interesting they were and entertaining at the same time.

It’s all because we thought we were so smart with new technologies and we should’ve prepared more for something this serious.  Wow we made a refriedgerator that can talk to us!  When we really should’ve been spending money on a way to defend ourselves from a disaster such as this.  Now what do I do?


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