Facebook has emerged as the top social networking site and confirmed by fact that it is one of the top 100 sites visited in the world today.  It allows you to share videos, pictures, games, messages, and communicate with friends and family all over the world for free!  It is a way to check out the lives of complete strangers, which sounds a bit creepy, BUT IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

It’s so popular because it’s so easy to use.  It allows you to search for people that share the same interests and even helped with the US Presidential Campaign. Obama was a genius by campaigning a lot through facebook to speak out to the youth and enhance awareness.

Facebook is the communication of the future. Facebook is an advertisement. FACEBOOK IS GOD!  Everything important will be posted on facebook.  There are already companies placing their ads on facebook.  What a great idea.  If its one of the top 100 sites visited around the world, then obviously their product will be seen.

I love Facebook.  Whenever I’m bored I’m on Facebook.  I talk to my parents through Facebook because I told them I’d rather talk online rather than the telephone. It saves money and it uses less effort on my part.  I can keep in touch with friends over seas and it also costs me nothing.  The games are fun to play and it’s always a good time when challenging your friends.  It’s even better when you see ridiculous videos of drunk idiots that you’ve never met.  Who wouldn’t like facebook?  Sign up now!


Facebook has grown in such a short period of time and will only increase because of the diversity it has to offer.  There will only be greater things added to facebook and I’m sure everyone is excited to see what is coming.


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