“Killing Us Softly”

The video, “Killing us softly,” made me think about advertisements in a different way.  The video was shown from a female’s point of view, which changed the way I usually look at these ads.  Ads are everywhere and almost 180 million dollars are spent on ads a year.  The primary purpose is to sell products and what better way to sell their products by using breast.  Breasts are used to sell almost anything.  I don’t believe this is necessary it just causes self-esteem problems.

It’s obvious that ads tell us who we are and who we should be, but what is most important is how women look.  They should spend more time and money on the way they look.  Women are forced to look a certain way because of these ads and it’s not fair to them.  The image of women has become more perfect in ads, but are the women even real people?  Due to the advances in technology images can be altered to change the women into the perfect model.  

I was in shock when they showed how they could take different parts of women (lips, hair, nose, teeth, etc.) and put them together to make the perfect face.  It’s upsetting that these images affect women’s self-esteem as well as the men and the women they are with.  If men see these images of perfect women that don’t even exist, how would they feel about their girlfriend when she doesn’t have perfect lips or hair?

These images could cause serious problems in relationships or their own personal life.  The advertisements should be honest about the images displayed to the public.  They should not use technology to make a perfect woman; it just makes the image of women even more outrageous.  Women shouldn’t feel forced to get a nose job, boob job, or need to lose 20 pounds to be as thin as images on billboards or television commercials.  Women should be able to watch advertisements and still feel secure about the way that they naturally look.  I agree with the speaker in this video that the advertisements towards women are wrong and make them seem like objects rather than a human life.


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