“A Child Called It”

I haven’t read many books in my life because I’m not a huge fan of gaining knowledge this way.  I more of a visual learner and would rather gain knowledge through television news and listening to intelligent individuals.  One non-fictional book that I do remember and will never forget is, “A Child Called It.”  This book made a significant difference in my life and it’s scary to even think about.

I read this book when I was in high school.  My health teacher recommended the book to our class and gave the opportunity to receive extra credit with a one page response.  Of course I took advantage of this opportunity.  I went to Barnes and Nobel to purchase the book and I was thankful when I saw that it was only seven dollars.  Whenever I start to read books and usually get bored and they make me tired.  When I started reading this book it was a rare occasion because I never wanted to stop reading.

The book was about a true story about a young boy that was abused by his mother.   It was strange that it had been going on for such a long time and his brothers weren’t treated the same.  He would go to school with cuts, bruises, and burns all over his body.  It went on for a while and for his teachers to not realize and say something is ridiculous.  At the same time he never said anything and his brothers knew what was going on and didn’t have courage to let someone know.

I can remember when my classmate would come into class with bruises on his arms, but he would act like nothing was wrong.  This is most likely why this story has had such a huge impact on my life.  It was a year after I read this book and it’s the reason why I went to speech with my guidance counselor.  I was worried about this student because he was a good student and was a nice individual.  It turned out that he was abused by his father and had been going on for years.  I’m glad that his father found help about his problem and now him and his father are now living together and they are completely different.  They get along great, there are no longer bruises on his arms, and his is now in a safe environment.


It now influences me when I read stories in the news.  When I hear about abusive cases like this it makes me cringe.  I can’t help it, but, I get so pissed and can’t understand how anybody could go through something like this.  I feel that someone should have found out sooner.  I can’t fathom that a human being could abuse or torture their own child.  I understand the hardship that these children go through, but luckily have never personally experienced this hell.  Our nation should put more time into cracking down on these situations and no child should ever have to experience these cases.

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