One of the greatest movies of all time was the 2007 Transformers.  It’s an action film based on the original Transformers toys and television series.  The movie is about a young boy that gets caught up in a war between the good, Autobots, and the bad, Decepticons.  These aliens are robots that can transform into everyday machinery to disguise themselves.  The Decepticons are in search of an object that created their robotic race.  With control of this object they would be able to build an army by giving life to any machinery on Earth.

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There was one product that had the most success being noticed throughout the film.  Michael Bay the director, went to every major auto manufacturer to see who would offer the most amount of money.  The best offer was $3 million from GM and they were given the opportunity to place their products in this million-dollar film.

It’s obvious that this product placement had the most success because the movie attracted mostly males in the first place.  Men are huge fans of transformers and when they transformed into GM vehicles they looked amazing. Every boy as a kid always wanted to have a transformer. Now that this movie was made it’s as if their fantasies can be reality.  After seeing this movie it made me want to go out and buy a GM truck.  Whenever I see them on the road it makes me think back to the movie and I imagine the trucks transforming into giant robots.

This was definitely one of the coolest product placements I’ve seen before.  It’s obvious why the producer and advertiser would choose this product for the movie.  They both would be making a great deal of money.  GM now has a new name for itself and when you see a GM truck on the road watch out because you never know if it will transform on you.


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