Baltimore Orioles’s Game

On Wednesday I attended the Baltimore Orioles game.  They were playing the New York Yankees, a powerhouse Major League Baseball team.  As soon as I walked off the light rail there were people scalping tickets and selling New York Yankee jerseys.  When the Yankees are in town games are almost always sold out.  As an Orioles fan, I love when they come to Baltimore because you get to see who are true O’s fans.

The people who own the stands were attempting to get everyone to purchase a Yankees jersey.  They already have the most fans spread throughout the country, but they are never satisfied.  They try to get young children to buy their gear at an early age so they become fans.  These public relation strategies do work because the Yankees are always winning and usually leading the Eastern Conference.

Although these strategies do not work on me, they do attract the innocent minds who don’t know anything about baseball.  You should love your home team, not a random team that always wins.  The Yankees have the highest paying salary and can get any player that they desire to make sure they remain on top.  In order to make a greater impact on myself they would need to convince me to become a fan by providing me with free giveaways.  They could give out free Yankee jerseys instead of promoting them and charging $60 per shirt.  I would recommend giving out free autographs or VIP tickets to met the players.

Check out the Orioles’ website

They should promote the players individually rather than the team as a whole.  All Baltimore Orioles fans think that Yankee players such as Jeter and Rodriguez are stuck up whinny people.  They seem to always be complaining about something and they shouldn’t be worried about their salaries.  It’s baseball, they should be playing for the love of the game.  In my opinion Yankee players ruin the game of baseball.  I could never see myself as a Yankee fan and I hope others don’t get sucked into their scam.


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