Celebrities and Their Privacy

The term “invasion of policy” refers to a public figure’s right to be left alone by the media including their private property or personal space.  They usually occur in a celebrities or other public figure’s private life.

Debbie Rowe, the mother of Michael Jackson’s two oldest children, filed a lawsuit against Rebecca White over false claims.  White made these claims in a paid interview with Extra TV.  White claimed to be a close friend of Rowe and shared emails with the reporter.  These emails were between White and Rowe that had been exchanged since Jackson’s death.  White said that Rowe did not want the children and was motivated by money to negotiate with the Jackson family.

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Rowe states that she hasn’t communicated with White about the children since Jackson’s death and claims that this was an invasion of privacy.  Rowe said that White made false statements about their relationship and the information she gave were all lies.  There has not been a court hearing yet, but is scheduled for August 3rd.

Rowe should win this case because information was given to the media about her without her will.  The media no has information that could and most likely is false based on her response.  Now people may get the wrong impression about her.  This is unfair that situations like this happen to celebrities all the time.  I hope she wins and people understand that celebrities need their privacy just like everyone else.


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