Consuming Kids

The video, “Consuming Kids” was about how new marketers are now using the latest advances not only in marketing, but psychology as well.  American Children have become the most profitable consumers in the World.  Child marketing has become a huge success since deregulation.  Children are spending 35 percent more since deregulation.  The movie says that children begin their consuming from infancy.  There are billions of dollars consumed by children and there are more than 52 million kids in America.

From a parents point of view this must be scary.  The children influence what the parents will buy and how much they will spend because of advertisements.  Advertisers know that children are a huge influence and they design their advertisements based of this fact.  Kids think that life is all about buying and getting everything that is the best.  Children influence vacations, cars bought, televisions, cell phones, and even computers.  For instance, if the children see one of their favorite cartoon characters in a Honda Civic, which will be the car they will want their parents to purchase.

Advertisements have also mastered the nag factor.  This helps to get the children to ask their parents over and over again until they buy them what they want.  They also realized that it’s all about the cradle to grave process.  This draws in life long consumers, get them early as kids and they will be your consumer for life.  I can relate to this because as a young child I loved Nike sneakers because all of my favorite sports player swore them.  To this day I still wear Nike sneakers.

Children see these advertisements everywhere.  They could be on their cell phones, on school soda machines, fieldtrip factories to places such as Petco, and even school tests when they refer a math question to M&M’s.  In the video it was funny to see that a child thought that Spongebob Mac and Cheese was better than regular Mac and Cheese of the same brand.  I think advertisers and marketers are very intelligent.

They also do a thing called ethnography, which is research they do at the children’s home.  This is very creepy!  I cannot believe a parent would allow these people watch them in a bathtub or try on clothes alone in their room.  They know how to get to children and their profits are mostly coming from them.  I am afraid that marketing will be like this when I have children of my own.  At least after watching this video I have an understanding of what my children will be going through and I’ll know how to avoid this problem most parents have.


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